Blogging about Master #3

Whoah. It’s been a while huh? Sorry about that.
A small update here for you.
I’ve worked more on twine and the Harlowe format, not only working on the story I’ve showed you a screenshot of last time, but a seperate oneto test more of the coding and on my actual game that will be my finished Twine game.

For the game, I’ve made a timeline of how I want the story to go and what I want to be able to do in the game.


thoughtmap2(Illustrations: My thoughts on how the game should proceed)

Twine has a page where they have documentation on the Harlowe format. It’s very useful and helps a lot with smaller problems that I do not need to ask in the Q&A forum for.

I am also trying to be more active in the community that I find around Twine. They have an official Q&A forum that I’ve now asked a question at (currently waiting for an answer). They seem active there so I hope I get some feedback there soon. I will also go looking for more games made in twine and try to find out where twine developers tend to be. What website do they prefer to use? Do they talk in forums a lot? Where do they publish their twine games? These are questions I am asking myself.

Besides working on the game, I’m also looking for books & articles specifically relating to participation culture. Mia Zamora has many good resources on her webside for the DIKULT 303 course.  Jenkins is an author I will be using a lot from as he is very relevant to the theories I need.