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I’m having a really hard time trying to organize my thoughts and present it as an understandable overview of my Master Project Plan. That being said I just need to start writing something….And then I will try to gather all off my “findings” in some kind of presentable and understandable way. As far as life lessons go, I don’t i have any tips for the reader, not today. But I MUST get better at reflecting over how i’m wasting time planning how to do something.

Alrighty then so today’s life lesson is….

  1. Write drunk, edit sober.
  2. Write drunk, revise sober.

I guess that make sense, anything is better than nothing and I guess this tips is applicable towards being high as well. Yes, so let’s start this blogpost and get on with today’s subject. My Master Project Plan!

Was I mistaken in thinking that this blog was an opportunity to showcase some kind of academic insight or know-how?

No I guess not!

Well can you please try to show some traces of intellect in this blogpost than, and stop making fools out of us!

Sure, I’ll try!  No sorry. I’ll do it! there is no trying! #yodawisdom #insight #know-how

From my experience most creative processes requires one to find a way to master or at least balance opposing views, ideas, distractions, focus, urges, irrationality, chaos, instincts and so on. Part of the battle is taking control of the procrastination, reap its fruits, and make it work to your advantage. For me this requires a shifting focus of my feelings or energy in a Yin and Yang kind of way. We need both elements in creation — the Apollonian and the Dionysian, or spontaneity and restraint, emotion and discipline. I guess this is what makes it so fucking hard. All theses opposing ideas oscillating back and forth reinventing itself with new features and at the same time trying to merge as one comprehensible idea. It’s been said that “Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality” but “If you have ideas but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.” There is a important distinction between the two and I have to become better at dragging the ideas down from the imaginative plane of existence and let it materialize into something real.
I’m not sure why but my mind keep dragging Aristotle’s four causes into this mess! And since i’m in writing mode now (not drunk or high though) trying to produce stuff, I’ll let it pas!

If you are gonna steal quotes you might as well give us the rest! “Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing.”    


The messy mechanism of creativity is in many ways similar to the chaos governing my own mind, and this is why It’s essential that I develop and deploy an useable strategy for getting shit done! 

You think^^ 

Yes, and even if i seem to agree on what i just wrote i still feel like this blogpost is not achieving what it set out to do! It’s once again becoming kind of meta, talking about what i am doing or should be doing, instead of actually doing it.
Chill dude and give me a fucking brake! I just placed 30 000 NOK in a frozen bank account and created a norwegian corporation. This is doing something!
As i were saying.. Yesterday, (or the day before) I created a corporation named Trollscape AS and put up 30 000 NOK as its shared capital. This makes perfect sense as i’m slowly realizing that my master project and my ambitions are not on the same page. Actually I have a whole set of sub-selves with their own plans and schemes for finding ways to realizing them. But that’s also of topic, so more on that stuff later.

Say what now..? and please, by all means, feel free to make some fucking sense soon.   

What i’m getting at, without drifting into half understood semiotic principles is this. If I want to describing my thoughts or ideas to you the reader, I should get you to understand what is going on inside my mind and how my own relationship between signs and the real-world is. 

I disagree, but it’s important that your “something that stands for something in some capacity” is close to my own understanding of the same something.   

Some years ago i was given the task of writing down what was on my mind so we could discuss it further. While struggling on this task I realized that it made no sense to just write down the words or concepts without its relations. I understood the question and concept of “on my mind” as something more than just words, symbols, or signs. I could not talk about how and why different thoughts were occupying my mind without thinking of their relations to each other as well as their real-world significations. The result is a metaphorical mindmap model of how I were thinking about this stuff and how that stuff were in relations to the rest of my mind stuff.

This whole exercise ended in a total failure and the main reason for this is that the other person had her own ideas or preconceived notions about what that answer would look like. In short, she wanted a list with some words on it. In later years i have found this model useful when trying to understand how randomness and unrelated concepts end up as one (in the center of focus.) And if the person viewing my model has some familiarity with Bohr’s obsolete atom model and how chemical bond are made, they could get more out of it. 

Let’s cut to the core now! 

For there to be any real understanding between me and you, we need to agree on our relationship between a sign and its real-world counterpart. I’m now getting close to the realm of digital literacy and the stuff of my first blog post, not where i was going with this! 

I look at most kind of communication with others like a Lingua franca between two different minds who do not share a brain. When it comes to body language and chemical reactions to stimuli there is a difference,  but even here I have some opposing views and understandings. 

Not the point you are trying to make… 

True! When I was trying to describe my master project I got very confused by what the different names (and “train of thought”  represented as part of the specific “idea”) Why are you writing in past-tense? It’s not like we are done with this battle. It’s happening now, as i type, kind of. In my mind [Trolls in Norway] – [Troll i Norge] – [Trollspiracy] – [The fairy dust girl] – [Norwegian Folklore]- [Norse Mythology] – [Nature] – [Activities] – [Family fun]  have or share some attributes/elements (thinking back to my model now) with each other. They are all part of this “troll focus” that is occupying the center of my focused mind. Trying to bring all of the elements apart and identifying its “sub-particles” might be easy enough, my problem lies more in the “how to present this information to you the reader.” Or I think it does, and the reason for this is because I have not put all of my thoughts into a form that is easily transferred into words or signs. But who said i need to use words? I can go multimodal if that could help.But not sure it would, or maybe, did the mindmap image make any sense? Maybe I should go back to the realm of structuralism now that i have put words on some of the problems and its relations..   

So, pretty please… with sugar on top, finish the fucking post! #inspiredbywhichmovie?

Before I started to write about my vision for [Troll i Norge] i were systematizing all the Troll stuff and elements and putting it up on the wall. In light of this I had some new revelations that made a huge impact on my project development, if not personal economy!                                                                                                                           

One of the reasons for all the chaos, is that i’m trying to create content to run on technology that I have not yet made. I’m also trying to mash all of the different [element] together, create something useful so I can win 1 million NOK, and at the same time call it my Master Project. This is not possible for me, and since most of the [elements] themself are a mash of other elements it all becomes a mess. This realization were really important as it took me back to a more ambitious version of my Master project/plan and at the same time opening up for something more. This whole idea was kind of illuminating as I have been trying to scale my Master Project down to something more achievable. This is still the point, but In an attempt to structuralize it all I feel the need to go one level up and this is where Trollscape AS comes in.   

One of the ideas connected to [Troll i Norge]’s central node is the wanting to create a family activity set in nature. But why should this nature activity be forced to only become a part of a [Troll i Norge] app. Especially when the underlying structure and technology could easily been refitted to match/incorporate other kind of concepts. This became especially troubling when looking at the Explorer vs Troll Master(narrator) game dynamics. My solution to this is to create an top level application named Trollscape. This application has two main functions, it can be used to create small games and stories utilising the specs of your device. A camera and GPS might be used to create a small game of hot and cold, find these flowers, and so on. The main idea here is to make it easy for a local game master/narrator(parent) to create small tasks or games for the kids to complete in the style of a scavenger hunt or similar. The game, og narrative might be put online or kept locally on the device, this is up to the game master. Trollscape’s other function is to run “scape-narratives” located at specific places in the physical and digital world, stories ready to be be explored with the help of a device.

My master project will then set out to describe and create some of this content and use technology to create a entertaining experience focused on trolls and their history. Trollscape + [Troll i Norge] transform a smart device into a magical tool which eventually tears down the walls protecting our reality from the magic of the world, [#Trollspiracy].

When taking the explorer on the road from [Troll i Norge] to [Trollspiracy] I will focus on how to tell a the “a story” and create a mock-blog and other online sources with crumbs of information telling parts of the story. A important point here is to explore storytelling techniques and at the same time draw focus towards the oral nature of folktales and its cultural heritage.

Btw: In Norwegian, Troll is not only the word for a magical creature It’s also closely related to Trolldom (magic and spells). 

I should also mention that there is a distinction between the Master Project (1 year) and my Master Plan (2+ years)

That’s enough for tonight! Wrap it up and leave all the loose treads and questionable reasoning where it’s at. 

Btw #theanswerispulpfiction! and the actors name is ?