#ResNetSem: FROM digital citizenry & the silent majority TO participatory game development & generative commentary

A thank you to Aspa & Nicholas who spurned many thoughts last week about the critical issues of digital citizenry and participatory culture.  As we continue to ponder the impact and influence of social media networks on society, it was an important turn to think about the role digital literacies play in supporting the citizens of tomorrow.  In addition, we consider what it means to participate “productively” in different social media contexts, thinking further about the broad umbrella term of the “silent majority”.  We also discussed the significance of selective anonymity in social media.  I really look forward to Aspa & Nicholas’ final projects.

I was reading a bit this morning and came across this interview with Jaron Lanier.  In his interview with Maureen Dowd, he is articulate when calling out social media platforms as top-down “behavior modification empires” and casting true light on the silicon valley impulse to “optimize”.  It is worth a read (certainly an echo some of what we have discussed from a variety of angles during #ResNetSem):

Also, please check out this digital art which is a fascinating comment on algorithmic reality – Lauren McCarthy’s “The Human Intelligent Smart Home” – a home that will deploy a series of smart devices to watch over you 24/7:  https://get-lauren.com

For our last gathering next Thursday, we will have two interesting discussions to round out our time together.  The first will be directed by Silje, who will consider participatory culture in game design/development throughs the lens of her recent foray in creating a Twine game.  Sondre will take a creative turn in his seminar presentation and project.  He is making a website that will take facebook comments on music/band/review pages and put them in different arrays – it will then generate random strings of texts, creating new comments.  He is creating an ironic text generator that will ultimately be a commentary on the uselessness and subjectivity of comment culture, especially in regards to music.  I have sent you the readings (assigned in sync with their presentations) via email.

See you for our “last hurrah” on Thursday!