This website is the official class site for Dr. Mia Zamora’s Digital Aesthetics Graduate Seminar entitled Networked Transformations.  The course is being held at the University of Bergen, Norway in Fall 2017.

How have networks transformed our ability to tell, share, and participate in stories in the digital age? How has participatory culture recast the traditional terms of cultural contribution, writing, and even what it means to author something?  

This seminar will consider networked forms of digital writing and art, political activities, and identities emerging from the practice of participatory culture. We will consider the economies of reciprocity, the ethics of generosity, and the poetics of connectivity.  We will also think about self-organized counterculture and the creation of new types of agency while we investigate digital activism and an aesthetic politics of disruption and intervention.

Designed to bring graduate students together from across a transnational network for the purpose of exploring significant concepts or issues in their area of graduate specializimages-10ation, this course consists of reading research, writing, and practice.  It will  culminate in the completion of an individual research project that will also contribute to public knowledge.

This site will serve as our collaborative e-locale for sharing our on-going work and our resources as we connect with other scholars and co-learners outside our formal seminar classroom.

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Dr. Mia Zamora’s DIKULT 303 "Digital Aesthetics" Seminar at University of Bergen, Fall 2017