Algorithmic Awareness vs Accountability

A quick note to thank Victor for his presentation last week.  His early MA research on algorithmic awareness has been an important part of our discussion and shared learning in the seminar.  Victor has further evolved or developed his thesis focus recently, shifting from the consumer side of the equation (i.e. considering an individual’s relative awareness level of online algorithmic manipulation & data tracking) to the producer side side of the phenomenon (-perhaps this shift lends more emphasis on algorithmic accountability (?)).   I think this is a smart move for the implications of the overall inquiry.

Please remember we that we have crowdsourced an excellent reading list on the issue of data tracking, AI, and algorithms here:

Also, for further understanding of the current research on the issue, please read this NYTimes article posted yesterday, and the resulting twitter thread in response to the claims made by author Cathy O’Neil.  The thread (twitter conversation) that ensues in response to O’Neil’s post points to a wealth of important research work being done (in a variety of academic disciplines).  In short, the twitter thread is a treasure trove of possible leads/resources when considering the current work being done on the societal implications of algorithms:

Next up!:  Aspacia will take us through some thoughts on the significance of early digital literacies in a school context, and Nicholas will guide us through his early consideration of the “silent majority”.

I look forward to these discussions!

See you soon,

Dr. Zamora


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