Formulating our collective research inquiry for #ResNetSem

Due to my three day (all-day) VR Unity Hack this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I am now finally blogging for #ResNetSem and our fantastic class last Thursday.  Last week’s #ResNetSem discussion was very dynamic and I think our discussion of networked learning and commercial culture drew to the surface some very important/timely considerations.  I hope to extend these conversations when we meet next Thursday, first by checking in regarding your own specific research vision, and then connecting those interests to the material for our collective consideration this week.

I have asked you all to listen to danah boyd’s recent podcast (link in tweet):

Remember, for this week please write a two-part blog post.  The first part should include a reflection based on your listen to the podcast.  The second part of your blog should include a further clarification of your current research topic to be pursued in this seminar.  In class, I gave each of you a more specific way to think about that clarification.

Remember that this Thursday evening you will have an opportunity to speak with Henry Jenkins & activist digital Esra’a Al-Shafei via google hangout.  Please write me an email to clarify your intention to participate.  I will then send you the link to our forthcoming hangout (to take place online at 23:30 Thursday night).   The conversation will take place from California live at the Digital Media and Learning conference held at the University of California in Irvine.  Our conversation is listed on the Virtually Connecting schedule here:

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

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