Great to meet you. Warming up with “Net Smart”….

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It was a pleasure to connect with all of you yesterday and have the opportunity to hear a bit about each of you.  I am confident that together we are a diverse group of smart thinkers/designers/writers/makers, and that collectively we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with each other.

A review of what we did together:

-We introduced ourselves. (Thanks for playing along. I know some random things about each of you now.  I hope to discover more as we spend more time together.)

-We talked/walked through the course website and syllabus.

To do for our next seminar meeting on Thursday:

-Please email me your class blog URL & your class twitter account.  There is already is some activity in our backchannel which is great to see.  You should be ready tweet regularly with our class hashtag #ResNetSem .

Please read Howard Rheingold’s Net Smart: How to Thrive OnlineIntroduction & Chapters 1 & 2, pages 1-96)

Your first blog post is due before class on Rheingold’s Intro & Chapter 1 &2 from Net Smart. Remember, your blog posts should be a thoughtful consideration of the week’s reading as you keep in mind the context of the conversations we are having in class. Your purpose in these responses is to consider the author’s project: give an overall (brief) summary, talk about the key phrases/terms in the text, and reflect on how the reading helps you to make sense of your own undertanding of both the aesthetics and politics of networks.  –What are the main ideas of Net Smart?  –Do you agree/disagree with Howard Rheingold’s claims? -You are welcome to connect the author’s ideas to your own experiences as a digital citizen.  Do you have any key questions that emerge from reading this material?  I encourage you to include links to websites/videos/resources that help to further enhance the readings and our discussions.  The tone of your blog post can be informal, anecdotal, and you are welcome to play with stylistic conventions.

I am looking forward to our class next week already.  On the agenda for next Thursday:

We will discuss the notion of of digital citzenship, and consider networked learning and networked practices together.  We will also go over some of the tools we will be using together (i.e. Slack, Feedly, Twitter, etc.).  We will make an introduction video together for our colleagues in our Slack channel.  We will start to identify some of our shared learning outcomes/goals for our seminar.  We will start to fill out our schedule (pertaining to after our October Break).  We will further discuss and co-curate our Reading Roster.

See you in a week.

God helg,

Dr. Zamora



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