October Break update

Hi everyone.  Greetings from the fjords and glaciers northward!

The fjords and mountains of Norway just can't be captured in photos, yet I try… #hikinginwonderland

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Great class last week!  I enjoyed our discussion in class, and it was great to see some of you during the chat with Henry Jenkins and Esra’a Al Shafei later that evening as well.

I also wanted to draw your attention to this very interesting keynote talk by Dana boyd last week at the DML 2017 conference.  This is worth watching for sure:


What is next?…

If you are wondering what is up next on our schedule, we are now officially entering a new “phase” in #ResNetSem.  Each of the coming weeks we will be collectively focusing on your individual #ResNetSem research work.  Each of you will take the helm of our discussion for one week, assigning an applicable reading for all of us to read and reflect on via our blogs.  One by one you will present/workshop your current work with all of us in an extended seminar discussion.  This is a collaborative and supportive forum – each of us will contribute to the presenter’s ideas by offering productive and thoughtful feedback on the ongoing work he or she has shared with all of us.  Each of your individual research projects will be a part of a final e-book publication for the class.  The e-book will feature your unique research inquiries into networked life/culture.   Please refer to the Course Calendar to take note of when you are scheduled to workshop/present on your own current work for #ResNetSem discussion and feedback.

First up nest week is Magnus!  He will be presenting his current MA research work next Thursday, October 19th,  As soon as he forwards me his reading selection, I will forward that to all of you.  You should receive this soon in your UiB email.  Please read his selection in full and blog your reflection on his selection for your next blog due Oct. 19th.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week.

Hope you are enjoying your break time.  I am reveling in the majestic beauty of Norway!

Dr. Zamora

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