#ResNetSem during #Bergen2017 UCI Bike Week

Hello everyone,

Great conversation on Thursday afternoon!  I am really enjoying our Thursday afternoon time together, and I am glad we have established a foundation for thinking about “architectures of participation” online via the Rheingold readings and our shared perspective of on life online these days.  We have basically been discussing the ways in which one might participate in online networks and communities.

We have been able to consider together networked issues such as:  -peer-based learning forums; -the role of lurker; -role-playing & gaming for establishing dialogue around difficult topics like civic concerns and ethics; consumption vs. production in online spaces; playbor vs. data mining concerns;  -civility and generosity; -how we can think about building online cultures of reciprocity; the value of crowdsourced knowledge production; social capital in the formation of professional learning networks, etc.   Some of you have some really great ideas for forums that would benefit your own self-driven interests.  And we also covered the ways in which we can effectively cultivate a particular form of learning community during our #ResNetSem seminar time together.  It is interesting to take a glimpse of the networked visualization of #ResNetSem thus far, and think about the growth potential for more complex forms of connection as our time together continues to unfold.

Thank you for your thoughtful contributions on your individual blogs.  I want to encourage you to tweet your weekly blogs with our hashtag if so inclined, especially if you feel like generating further conversation about what you chose to write about in any particular week.  In addition, I want to encourage you all to share interesting readings and outside material that you think would expand the scope of our #ResNetSem conversation.  Remember the power of our purposeful backchannel.  For example, in our relatively brief F2Fseminar time together, we weren’t able to dive deeper into the important issue of data mining yet.  But this discussion (“data is the oil of the 21st century”) is a certainly a topic that we can continue in our #ResNetSem backchannel with tweets and Slack posts.

So…this coming week is the infamous UCI World Championship bike racing week.  The rumors have abounded regarding the number of international visitors to our lovely city of Bergen.  It will certainly effect our public transportation, so as per collegial advice, there will be no meeting next Thursday (21/9/17).  That said, I do want you to blog for that Thursday, and also to keep our backchannel on twitter and/or Slack lively.

For Thursday September 21st:

-Please see these instructions about your blog post for this week.  I will be reading your blog posts, synthesizing, and responding to them in my next blog post on this site.  I will post next week to signal to you to what is next in terms of reading for 28/9/17.  I will also be posting the next reading sometime this coming week, and will be emailing you about that so you know where to find the reading for 28/9/17.

-If you have a thoughtful follow up question for @hrheingold, please tweet with #ResNetSem.  He has been gracious enough to be “on the lookout” for our possible ?s.

Enjoy this unusual week!  Looking forward to reading about your ideas and forthcoming work.


Dr. Zamora

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