Your own research (in a networked era)?

Hope you have been enjoying the unusual week in Bergen.  😉 In the spirit of the #Bergen2017 meme heard round world, I am posting this viral classic to mark our passage of time this week.  I am sure you have seen this more than enough times already…

I have been catching the different races sort of by happenstance all week, as I move through the city to get from point A to point B.  I am impressed by the enthusiastic (and orderly) fans, and their general equanimity in encouraging the racers from every nation.  This has definitely been a week to remember in terms of Norwegian hospitality (and no-nosense security ;).

So, …I am truly inspired having recently read this last batch of blogs.  I think they are chuck full of great ideas which I hope to pick up on in dynamic conversation next Thursday.  I am looking forward to imagining what kind of final project we can pull together that would showcase your individual research work.  I certainly hope that whatever you design for research development and writing in #ResNetSem will become a formative step in your thesis work overall.

For next Thursday, please read selections Participatory Culture in a Networked Era by Jenkins, Ito, & boyd:  Chapters 4 & 5.  Please also blog your reflection regarding that reading before class on 28/9/17.  Next week’s class will be a key moment in attempting to weave a sense of your own individual interests into our overall discussion of networked culture.  We will work with the tool “Feedly” and think about building out a Lit Review for each of your individualized topics as you further narrow them down and devise a plan for research within the context of this #ResNetSem seminar.  In addition, I hope we can revisit the latter half of the Course Calendar and start to plan for each of your own individual presentations/contributions to the seminar (more on this when we are together Thursday).

**Remember that the week after next (5/10/7), we will have an opportunity to speak with Henry Jenkins and Mimi Ito, our own Alan Levine (#ResNetSem co-director), and some of the Kean University #ResNetSem grad students.  The conversation will take place from California live at the Digital Media and Learning conference held at the

University of California in Irvine. This means that for us, it will be a late-night screen hangout (for those of us who choose to participate).  I am hoping that I can get at least three of you to join in.  Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!


Dr. Mia Zamora’s DIKULT 303 "Digital Aesthetics" Seminar at University of Bergen, Fall 2017